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Paperback, audio and eBooks by Sarina Stone and friends include the Tequila Series of conscious relationship books and the educational ChiKids! smiling meditation series. You may also enjoy an amazing book written over 100 years ago by Wallace Wattles on The Science of Getting Rich with taoist commentary by Sarina.


We have books that I am so excited to share with all of you. Some of them are conscious relationship books that I've had so much fun writing. I think with the Men's book we even have an audiobook version. We also have this teriffic book, that's about one hundred years old called The Science of Getting Rich. Check it out. Of course we have our Chi Kids books that I'm very excited to share those with you. You can start youtt children learning Medical QiGong, smiling to their heart, yeah thats Medical QiGong. You can start your kids as early as three years old. So have fun looking at the books and if there is anything I can do to be of service, drop me an email

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The Tequila Series of Conscious Relationship Books

The Science of Getting Rich

ChiKids! Smiling Anatomy Books


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Relationship Books
Relationship Books
Relationship Books
Relationship Books