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Learn Manifest Destiny Meditations



We know that your brain emits waves of possibility with each and every thought it produces. We know those waves of possibility are are programmed by your thoughts. So, master your thoughts and spend a little time each day focusing on healthy, loving, prosperous outcomes. Use that amazing brain and train it to visualize positivity until you have done this so much your waves of possibility affect particles of reality in your favor. Sarina Stone offers meditations for creating love, financial freedom, close relations with friends and more. Medical Qigong helps you balance your emotions. Once you have attained this through the other programs offered by Sarina, you can trust yourself to wish for healthy things; that’s why she offers these fun, easy meditations.

“We are the dreamers of dreams.”  -Sarina Stone

Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.

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Creating Romantic Destiny Guided Audio Meditation

creating romantic destiny audio meditation

Creating A Healthy Romantic Relationship (or stop being a romantic victim!)


One of Sarina's most popular meditation formula's and a wonderful romp through your personal fantasyland. Spend a few minutes a day creating your romantic destiny and watch how the Universe moves to make imagination become reality!


Follow along as you are guided through a short meditation designed to re-program negative thinking around romantic intimacy.


What we image, we create. If you or anyone you know has a negative story about romantic intimacy they are creating that scenario, unconsciously, 24 hours a day. In order to create a life of trust, success, and unconditional love, we must first see ourselves clearly in this state of being.


Also called, Visualization for Creating a Partner in the book Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila - The Tao of Intimacy (purchase here if you have not read it), this fun, easy, meditation will take you to a place where you get to choose who you are in the presence of your ultimate partner; and who they are with you.


Sit back, relax, and open your heart. The rest will come naturally.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered an alternative medicine in much of the Western world. TCM includes treatments such as Chinese herbal medicine, Qigong, Thai massage, Tai Chi, meditation techniques, acupuncture, organic 5 Element Cooking, and both Tui na and Shiatsu massage.

Tao of Manifestation Guided Audio Meditation

manifestation audio meditation

What would you ask for if you could have anything?


Join Sarina, internationally renown Universal Healing Tao instructor and speaker on Natural Health, for a daily meditation to quantum manifest prosperity, healthy relationships, and lifestyle changes. This incredibly powerful guided meditation teaches you to grow a thought in to a physical reality. Stop stressing and start manifesting with this audio meditation!

World Link Audio Meditation

world link audio meditation

Downloadable MP3 of The World Link Meditation


Learn to send healing energy over long distances with this version of Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s World Link Meditation. Relax, release, and connect with people you love with the soothing voice of Sarina Stone.


Connecting oneself and others to the power of the Universe, as a tool to share abundance, is as ancient as time. Crystallize your ability by learning step-by-step instructions that enable to you to create a protective field around yourself and to access healing energy from unlimited resources. Learn how to link others to this healing energy, and how use the Universal energy to create health and healthy connections.


This meditation is MUST for people who have an ill or unhappy loved one in their life. Excellent for Health Care Provider's as well.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered an alternative medicine in much of the Western world. TCM includes treatments such as Chinese herbal medicine, Qigong, Thai massage, Tai Chi, meditation techniques, acupuncture, organic 5 Element Cooking, and both Tui na and Shiatsu massage.

Wisdom Audio Meditation

Wisdom QiGong Meditation Download

Downloadable MP3 of Wisdom Meditation


Taught by Tao Master, Mantak Chia - Spoken and translated by Sarina Stone.


Wisdom Chi Kung teaches you how to revitalize the brain, to repair function, increase memory, and expand brain capacity. Using an advanced version of the Inner Smile meditation technique, you learn how to recharge the brain with energy.


“Every day we use up so much of our brain's power that we have very little left at the end of the day. By thinking or worrying too much, the brain can use up to 80 percent of the body's entire energy reserve. Learning to stop the brain, to empty the mind and then recharge it with energy could increase our mental capacity, focus, and clarity.”


-Master Mantak Chia


More about Wisdom Chi Kung

Practitioners learn to smile and empty the mind into the lower tan tien and the organs. The organs will transform the chi naturally. When the mind is empty and ready to receive, the energy transformed by the organs is sent back to the brain and will begin to revitalize it. Over time, this process energizes and synchronizes the left and right brain by activating the body's energetic potentials. As you train the mind to empty, receive and enhance the transformed energy, it is able to connect with Universal chi and fill the body with enhanced life force.


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Destiny Manifest Training
Destiny Manifest Training
Destiny Manifest Training

Learn Manifest Destiny Meditations

Destiny Manifest Training