Medical QiGong for Men

Medical QiGong for Men

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Men's QiGong

Here you will find Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao methods of cultivating, refining, circulating and storing reproductive energy. Sarina Stone has organized previously complex practices in to one complete daily practice for men. There are multiple delivery systems: 30 days of short lessons delivered via email each day, a video lesson and a collection of audio and video that work together to support a man’s journey in retaining and controlling the raw power generated exclusively by men.

“Sure, being multi-orgasmic is a lot of fun but I think radiant health and incredible longevity should be on the list of the top three reasons men should consider this practice too.  LoL”  -Sarina Stone

Men’s Sexual Energy Practice is so important. You guys make reproductive energy that is so strong one little sperm can make life. That is so much energy. In the Tao we learn how to cultivate, refine and conserve that energy then we can circulate it in the body and extend our life and help to keep ourselves healthy. I have a couple of great products for you guys. Have fun looking around my website and if you have questions, send me an email and let me know how I can be of service.

Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.

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Men's Sexual Energy Qigong Training Kit

mens sexual energy qigong course

Harness & control your sexual energy with these downloadable Chi Kung tools.


Fact: Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate bodily functions.


Fact: Men are capable being multi-orgasmic.


Fact: Male sexual energy can be harnessed and used for health, manifestation of wealth and life extension.


Here, in one instantly downloadable package, are instructions for male sexual energy control based on Tao Master Mantak Chia’s popular Qigong methods, Healing Love For Men. Learn how to harness, balance and utilize your sexual energy in order to control premature ejaculation, sustain erection, improve your health and extend longevity. Sarina Stone offers a variety of materials to teach and support you on your journey of self-mastery.


Materials are delivered in audio, video and a BONUS eBook.


Package includes:


  • Complete Guide to Male Sexual Control Practice (Video lesson)
  • Inner Smile (Audio MP3)
  • Six Healing Sounds (Audio MP3)
  • MicroCosmic Orbit (Audio MP3)
  • Why Real Men Drink Straight Tequila – A Handbook for Understanding Women in the New Millennium (eBook)


Limited Time Only! A $119.75 value.

The Complete Guide to Male Sexual Control Practice

complete guide to male sexual control video

“If I had not experienced multiple orgasms myself, I never would have believed it. My wife and I took Sarina’s course years ago in Thailand and it has changed our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my smiling heart.” -Daniel G



Here in one lesson is the COMPLETE practice for male sexual control. In this series of Taoist practices, you will learn how to balance your sexual energy in order to control premature ejaculation, sustain an erection and literally improve your health and longevity. For many, this is erectile enhancement the natural way and the benefits go far beyond.


Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi). This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body. This energy produces life and our body generates it every day. We do not need it to survive, so this means if we are not using it to make a child, we have an excess of powerful energy that could be focused on other areas like health and longevity - unless we throw it away.


What we don’t know could change our life for the better.


Fact: Men lose vital energy in ejaculation and women lose energy in menstruation and pre-menstrual days (PMS or PMT).


The Chi Kung (Qigong) practices taught here address these issues, practically. Over time, each gender can learn to harness, refine, circulate and utilize this precious energy and use it to stay young. Men can enjoy multiple orgasms and retain energy during and after sex as well as prolonging and deepening the sexual experience.


Whether you want this information to improve or maintain health, or are interested in sharing a profound sexual experience with your partner, Reproductive/Sexual Chi Kung (Qigong) may be exactly what you are looking for.


Want to learn more?

Men's Sexual Energy Builder - 30 Day Program

Multi-Orgasmic Qigong - 30 Days to Health & Longevity


Become Multi-Orgasmic now!


Why learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation? Find out here. Now, with the help of certified trainer, Sarina Stone, a world-renowned Medical Chi Kung expert, you’ll learn how to use mind, breath and muscle to become healthier and attain self-mastery over your sexual energy, in the bedroom and out. Enjoy increased vitality and extend longevity with short, easy to follow audio (mp3) lessons delivered to your email every day, for 30 days.


A couple of minutes of explanation and a minute or two of daily practice can be easily downloaded to your listening device or computer.


Who Needs This Knowledge?


In 30 days of audio lessons, this course offers incredible solutions to common issues for men such as lethargy, premature aging, unsatisfying sex and lack of control emotionally and physically. In the most general sense, this course will train you to safely harness, clean, use and store your precious sexual energy. An amazing side effect of this ancient Chinese training is the ability to be multi-orgasmic. You can harness orgasmic energy and use it right away.


“Men produce sexual energy every day and unless you are saving it to make a baby, you can use it to improve mental clarity, physical strength, organ function and extend longevity. The secret is in the sperm!" - Sarina Stone, Certified Medical Chi Kung Instructor



  • Day 1 Email Subject: Heart Chi Kung
  • Day 2 Email Subject: Lung Chi Kung
  • Day 3 Email Subject: Liver Chi Kung
  • Day 4 Email Subject: Kidney Chi Kung
  • Day 5 Email Subject: Spleen/Pancreas Chi Kung
  • Day 6 Email Subject: MicroCosmic Orbit pt.1
  • Day 7 Email Subject: MicroCosmic Orbit pt.2
  • Day 8 Email Subject: Using the MicroCosmic Orbit
  • Day 9 Email Subject: Smile to your testicles!
  • Day 10 Email Subject: Unaroused sexual Chi
  • Day 11 Email Subject: Gentle arousal Chi
  • Day 12 Email Subject: Arousal Chi and self control
  • Day 13 Email Subject: Orgasmic Chi
  • Day 14 Email Subject: Testicle massage
  • Day 15 Email Subject: Detailed testicle massage
  • Day 16 Email Subject: Seminal retention
  • Day 17 Email Subject: Controlling ejaculation
  • Day 18 Email Subject: Is ejaculating bad for me?
  • Day 19 Email Subject: Remember the foundational practices
  • Day 20 Email Subject: Ejaculation is optional
  • Day 21 Email Subject: It takes muscle to be multi-orgasmic
  • Day 22 Email Subject: The Power Lock
  • Day 23 Email Subject: Putting pieces together to form one practice
  • Day 24 Email Subject: Closer to one daily routine
  • Day 25 Email Subject: Use the Power Lock to stop ejaculation Day 1
  • Day 26 Email Subject: Use the Power Lock to stop ejaculation Day 2
  • Day 27 Email Subject: Small, attainable goals
  • Day 28 Email Subject: Complete daily Practice
  • Day 29 Email Subject: Complete Daily Practice - Recap
  • Day 30 Email Subject: You have the tools, use them!

Heart Connection Meditation

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Medical QiGong for Men
Medical QiGong for Men
Medical QiGong for Men

Medical QiGong for Men

Medical QiGong for Men
mens sexual energy qigong course
complete guide to male sexual control video