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ChiaStone Tendon Release Self-Massage Video & Instruction Manual

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IMPORTANT - There is NO CHIASTONE wood ball in this product; it is a downloadable instructional video and booklet only. Please use a round ball the size of a tennis ball. It must be hard enough to penetrate a few inches when you lay on it, wood is perfect. Once you have that tool, you are ready.

Chronic pain in your muscles? No time for a massage twice a week? The secret is in the tendons!!!

A combination of Acupressure massage and physical movement is healing for deep muscle aches and tightness. Learn how to perform simple muscular pain relieving techniques at home, in your spare time.

Sarina Stone has traveled across the world teaching people in pain how to relieve their own chronic muscle aches. Now, she offers a video and booklet - so you can heal yourself. Again, before starting, you need to acquire a round ball about the size of a tennis ball. It should be hard enough to sink in to your body when you lay on it. Later, you can play with different sizes for a more personalized experience.

To understand why muscles ache, become stiff or even tear we must educate ourselves on basic anatomy and physiology.

In this product we present information you will use when connecting your mind to your practice, thus facilitating successful restoration of electromagnetic energy flow through previously hardened muscle and tendon.

"The best part of this is that most people permanently release tension they thought they would live with forever. The effect on the brain and psyche are incredibly calming. THIS PROTOCOL CHANGED MY LIFE.” -Sarina Stone

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