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Classic Medical Qigong (Inner Alchemy)

Experience the power of your mind immediately and use it to improve your life with ancient Taoist guided meditations that transform sickness to health & relieve stress. Much easier than you may think, start feeling better today.

Lesson 1. The Inner Smile Meditation (audio & video)

Lesson 2. The 6 Healing Sounds Meditation (audio & video)

Lesson 3. The Inner Smile & 6 Healing Sounds Combined Practice ( audio )

Lesson 4. The MicroCosmic Orbit Meditation (audio & video)

Sarina Stone offers clear, concise Basic Medical Qigong meditations for adults of all ages. Learn to transform negative energy (dysfunctional thoughts breed negative energy) in to positive vitality with your mind and breath. Revitalize, detoxify physical and emotional issues, feel Qi (energy) and strengthen your body and mind with ancient formula’s of thought presented in both audio and video format.

Here are some key things to know before transforming your body and mind through QiGong Meditation.

  • Qi is a Chinese character and means energy. Also spelled Chi, it is literally electromagnetic energy. Gong, also spelled Kung, means work or breath (Hey, it's a Chinese character. There isn't a definitive meaning like in English). QiGong practitioners use mind, breath and movement to facilitate change first internally, then externally as well.
  • Quantum Physics is the study of the basic, or smallest elements of matter and energy, how they behave and how we may use them to manifest large, quantifiable results.
  • Inner Alchemy is the same as aspects of Quantum Physics but focused on the body; transforming negative energy (lead) in to positive vitality (gold). May include movement and food as well as mental formulas.
  • Meditation is seated QiGong and is the key to both fields of study because it is the electromagnetic energy generated by our brain and heart that starts the molecular shift on the physical plane.
  • The Tao. A Chinese word or character who's meaning is open to interpretation but Sarina's three favorites are: The Way of Nature, The Way Without Force, The Way. Taoism is not a religion, but rather a philosophy about how man, nature and the cosmos are interconnected.
  • Meditation is a core element of Medical QiGong (QiGong for the purpose of bettering or maintaining health). Since the smallest unit of energy we can manifest is a thought, the question is, "What thought may I produce to attain the most powerful result? What powerful result do I want and why?"
  • Quantum Manifestation Co-Creators know how to work with nature and their own energy to become stronger, happier, successful people.

Seated meditation has been a vehicle to self mastery traced back over 5000 years, we invite you to try these ancient formula’s and open the door to a gentler, more successful experience of being human.

“Thoughts are stuff. Thoughts can program waves of possibility that alter particles of reality. QiGong is actually a practical application of quantum physics.” -Sarina Stone

NOTE: See the Certification Options for Basic Medical QiGong online course syllabus and instruction.

So what is Medical QiGong (Chi Kung is a different spelling)? Let's break it down. Medical is medicine; Chi ( qi) is the Chinese word for energy; Kung in the Chinese word for work or practice. So, Medical Chi Kung is medicinal energy work. This is not a metaphor. Your brainwaves have the ability to calm your nerves and improve metabolic function; you just need to know what to think about and then practice.

For those of you that are familiar with Master Mantak Chia's Universal Healing Tao. You will recognize the basic Medical QiGong meditations; The Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds and the MicroCosmic Orbit. Sarina spent many years learning Master Chia's Basic Medical QiGong methods in Thailand before coming back to America and forming Empowerment Through Knowledge, Inc. and teaching internationally. If you are new, we hope you enjoy these meditations and your opportunity to train self mastery. We want you to be aware that you are about to practice meditation that our ancestors were practicing over five thousand years ago. It always makes us feel connected to something bigger when we remember that we're carrying on a tradition. We hope you have a great time. If you have any questions drop Empowerment Through Knowledge an email to

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