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Co-Create Romantic Destiny Guided Meditation MP3

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Take back the reins of your romantic life with one of Sarina's most popular meditation formula's. In a few minutes a day you will take the right steps toward manifesting your ideal romance. Watch how the Universe moves to make imagination become reality! This is truly co-creation in its simplest and most powerful form.

Follow along as you are guided through a short meditation designed to re-program negative thinking around romantic intimacy. What we image, we create. If you or anyone you know has a negative story about romantic intimacy they are creating that scenario, unconsciously, 24 hours a day. In order to create a life of trust, success, and unconditional love, we must first see ourselves clearly in this state of being.

Also called, Visualization for Creating a Partner in the book Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila - The Tao of Intimacy (purchase here if you have not read it), this fun, easy meditation will take you to a place where you get to choose who you are in the presence of your ultimate partner; and who they are with you.

Sit back, relax, and open your heart. The rest will come naturally.

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