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Men's Sexual Energy Qigong PACKAGE

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Harness & control your sexual energy with these downloadable QiGong tools.

Fact: Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate bodily functions.
Fact: Men are capable being multi-orgasmic.
Fact: Male sexual energy can be harnessed and used for health, manifestation of wealth and life extension.

Here, in one instantly downloadable package, are instructions for male sexual energy control based on Tao Master Mantak Chia’s popular Qigong methods, Healing Love For Men and The Multi-Orgasmic Man. Learn how to harness, balance and utilize your sexual energy in order to control premature ejaculation, sustain erection, improve your health and extend longevity. Sarina Stone offers a variety of materials to teach and support you on your journey of self-mastery.

Materials are delivered in audio, video and a BONUS eBook.

Package includes:
  • LIMITED TIME: The Multi-Orgasmic Man interview with Master Mantak Chia Podcast
  • Complete Guide to Male Sexual Control Practice (Video lesson download) - $44.95
  • Inner Smile QiGong Meditation (Audio MP3) - $9.95 Retail
  • Six Healing Sounds QiGong Meditation (Audio MP3) - $9.95 Retail
  • MicroCosmic Orbit QiGong Meditation (Audio MP3) - $9.95 Retail
  • Why Real Men Drink Straight Tequila – A Handbook for Understanding Women in the New Millennium (eBook download) - $9.95 Retail

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