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MicroCosmic Orbit QiGong Meditation Instruction Video Download

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Finish your Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds Meditation with the MicroCosmic Orbit Chi Kung (QiGong) Meditation to move the smiling energy through the body and store it in a safe place for later use. You will also learn the points on the Orbit and experience the movement of Qi through them. Each of these points acts like a small refinery for energy. Thus, each time you circulate energy through it, the energy becomes cleaner, lighter, and easier to move.

Circulate, refine, and store your Chi (energy) with this video lesson. The MicroCosmic Orbit practice is the beginning of the process of the integration of mind and body in Taoist esoteric practice. The circulation of the Life Force, or Chi, in the MicroCosmic Orbit is crucial to avoid stuck energy and keep life flowing. Much of modern living consists of unnatural diet, stressful work patterns, poor posture and sedentary entertainment resulting in the gradual accumulation of blockages to the natural circulation of Chi (Qi). The opening of the Orbit is the beginning of the reversal of this process. It is an important and tangible form of self-healing practice.

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