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Private Consultation 30 Minutes

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A lot of information can be shared in 30 minutes, especially when you are speaking to an expert. Consult with Sarina on video chat or the phone to refine and customize your practice. QiGong and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage students may deepen their understanding of practice try going to the source. Talking to Sarina is fun and filled with surprises.

Create a quantum change in your personal and professional life. Advance toward your most passionate desires by understanding the Tao and manifestation on a deeper level by scheduling a 30 minute phone or video consultation with Sarina Stone.

“Independent study helps you enjoy greater happiness, passion, and fulfillment in all you do. Books, audio and video are a great start. Eventually you must connect with a real person to take understanding from theory to practical application.” - Sarina Stone
PLEASE NOTE: Sarina will contact you once the order is placed to schedule the consultation.
OR you can contact Sarina 1st to arrange a consultation.
Email: attention Jennifer
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