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The Inner Smile Qigong Meditation Instruction MP3

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Downloadable MP3 of The Inner Smile Meditation.

Inner Smile Qigong Meditation

Step 1 of ancient Taoist Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and MicroCosmic Orbit meditations.

Join Sarina as she guides you through a simple practice using the power of a smile to transform negative energy in to positive vitality.

(Note: This is pre-requisite to understand Six Healing Sounds practice)

Over 5000 years ago, Taoists discovered the relationships between emotional energies and organ systems through many centuries of study and organic meditation. They developed methods to transform negative emotional energy to positive Chi (Qi). What we know today is that we manifest from thought to physical reality with expediency and cannot afford to harbor negative thoughts for long without seeing them manifest in our lives. The same is true for harboring loving, light, compassionate thoughts. This, too, manifests quite noticeably in our daily lives. We must have emotional balance in order to make healthy choices in all areas of our life.

Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds exercises focus on five organs or organ systems: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and the spleen/pancreas. Listen daily to learn how to detoxify and energize your organs with the undiluted power of your mind.

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