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Why Real Couples Drink Straight Tequila eBook

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Why Real Couples Drink Straight Tequila - The Tao of Commitment
A Handbook For Couples In The New Millennium

The third book in Sarina Stone's Tequila series of conscious relationship books focuses on creating and maintaining "couple-hood." The author dives deeper into undiluted potential in the quest to grow compassion and unabashedly explore the heartbreak and hilarity of choosing love.

After 10 years of study with Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia, Sarina Stone has complied a joyful blend of Taoism, quantum physics, and psychology, and applied it to the mysterious and wacky realm of romantic intimacy. A splash of humor, a dash of sarcasm, and a few short stories make The Tao of Commitment a fun handbook for couples in the new millennium!

Sarina Stone has taught natural health and the healing power of a smile to thousands of students since 1995. Her light hearted approach to psychology, romance, quantum physics, and our innate ability to heal or hurt ourselves earn her spots on radio, television and public appearances regularly.

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