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Why Real Men Drink Straight Tequila RAINBOW EDITION Audio Book

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Why Real Men Drink Straight Tequila - The Tao Of Chivalry
A Handbook for Men Who Love Men n The New Millennium
Rainbow Edition

I need men, is that gay?

Narated by Sarina Stone, Sarina and Eric Thurnbeck are proud to present the latest in the Tequila series of conscious relationship books, book 2.5. For men who love men, this book demystifies common myths about gay men, how they relate, and offers new information on the psychology of male interpersonal relationships.

Q. Is there something new here?

A. Heck yeah!

Be sure to read the chapter on how to understand and use an ancient Taoist Elemental Chart to balance uncomfortable social situations and attain your personal goals - prior to now, this ancient wisdom has never been presented for gay men!

Sarina Stone has taught natural health and the healing power of a smile to thousands of students since 1995. Her light hearted approach to psychology, romance, quantum physics and our innate ability to heal or hurt ourselves earn her spots on radio, television and public appearances regularly.

Eric Thurnbeck is a scholar of art, literature and philosophy. He has provided personal coaching and philosophical guidance to people of all walks of life since 2003. His study of Taoist philosophy began in 2005 with Sarina Stone, and since he has contributed to two of her previous books. A beloved councilor, Eric Thurnbeck is known for balancing the awareness of personal choice in establishing and maintaining relationships with remembering not to take oneself too seriously. In addition to coaching and writing, he currently works in the field of education and resides near Phoenix, Arizona.

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