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Women's Tao Sexual Health DAILY QIGONG PRACTICES

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Can most women be multi-orgasmic? YES! Can most women heal from sexual trauma? YES!

This single video lesson on sexual energy cultivation practice for balancing hormones, increasing pleasure and retaining sexual energy for health and longevity is easy to follow. Watch or listen to Sarina as she guides you step by step on 1/2 dozen practices for women's sexual health, then puts those steps together to create one daily practice.

Included in this video lesson are:

The Inner Smile QiGong Meditation,

Six Healing Sounds QiGong Meditation,

MicroCosmic Orbit QiGong Meditation,

Ovarian Breathing,

Breast Massage

*Jade Egg Exercises

*You will need your own Jade Egg for strengthening the urogenital diaphragm. We do not sell them, but you will find them on line easily. Sarina teaches the practice in the video, so bring your disinfected egg to your video lesson.

Do not use an egg if you have an Intra Uterine Device (IUD). Contact Ms. Stone directly at if you have questions about this.

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