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5 Element Organs Elixir QiGong – 6 Part Online Course Description from White Tiger Master, Tevia Feng & Sarina Stone

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Learn deep rhythmic movements of 5 different animal QiGong forms, QiGong inner alchemy meditation, healing abdominal massage (Chi Nei Tsang) and deep QiGong breathing techniques to cultivate a strong, focused body, mind and spirit.

Each animal form, meditation and hands on healing technique works to heal and bring into balance the internal organs and the meridians of the body. Each animal represents a different element of the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine.Understand how each element is associated with a different internal organ and related meridian and how to use simple techniques to detoxify and energize the entire body.

This course offers three different techniques – Dynamic (moving) QiGong, Seated Inner Alchemy and Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage – for attaining and maintaining radiant health and extending longevity.

Your teachers are internationally renowned Medical QiGong educators.Tevia Feng is the master instructor of White Tiger QiGong School and has a long history of training professional athletes, military, police and hundreds of others in Dynamic Medical QiGong and martial arts.His knowledge of history is parallel with his knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Known for her wit and candor, Sarina Stone is a Medical QiGong educator and Natural Health advocate.Ms. Stone trained Medical QiGong under the direct supervision of Tao Master Mantak Chia since 1993 and continues to do so to this day.She has taught Medical QiGong to thousands since 1995 when she received her first instructor certification.Her courses and lectures are offered both live and on line.

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