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Sarina Stone Podcast w/Mantak Chia

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Sarina Stone Podcast w/Tevia Feng

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Sarina Stone, Medical Qigong Instructor


Company name:

Empowerment Through Knowledge, Inc.


Company Background

Empowerment Through Knowledge, Inc.


Where: Headquartered in St. Paul, MN USA


When: Teaching since 1995


What: Sarina Stone is the figurehead sharing Medical QiGong techniques via workshops, lectures, video conference, online courses, and literature. Courses, council, and lectures support others to reach health goals through specific meditations, movement and lifestyle changes.


Key Products: Educational audio, video and literature found at


Industry: Ms. Stone teaches simple lifestyle changes and exercises to enhance or improve physical and mental wellbeing. Subjects include but are not limited to: Effects of thought on the physical body, meditation techniques for balancing emotions, transforming stress into usable vitality, Abdominal Massage for detoxification and energizing organs, the importance of healthy digestion, the healing power of a smile, Breast Cancer prevention and seminal retention for health and longevity.


Note: Sarina loves being interviewed! The #1 subject Podcasters ask Sarina Stone about is…Sexual Kung Fu. Sarina is one of very few expert educators in this field. She safely and respectfully works with men and women sharing ancient techniques for using reproductive energy to improve health, extend longevity and heighten intimacy and pleasure. See her interviews with Lilou Mace to see why over 225,000 people watched her first interview and then ask for more.


Company Philosophy

Empowerment Through Knowledge, Inc.


What we know is that we manifest thought to physical reality with expediency. This is Quantum Physics in its simplest form. We cannot afford to harbor negative thoughts for long without seeing them manifest in our body.

By the same token, if we gently support, heal and maintain the three areas of health; physical, mental and emotional, human beings have the potential to live long, happy and healthy lives. All we need is a set of clear instructions, faith in ourselves and tenacity!

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