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5 Element Organs Elixir QiGong - Lung Health Video Course #2

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Medical Qigong for the Lungs with White Tiger QiGong Master Instructor Tevia Feng and Medical QiGong Trainer, Sarina Stone

Physical, Emotional, Energetic Detox & Rejuvenation for the Lungs

Welcome to the 5 Element Organ Elixir System Online Course.

In this lesson we will focus on lung health.

What’s in this course:

This section of the course contains seated and moving Medical Qigong exercises coupled with Chi Nei Tsang self-care techniques for optimum healing, detox and rejuvenation of the lungs. These easy to learn self-care exercises can literally transform negative, destructive stress, emotions and many physical ailments in to health and vitality.

Why do you need it?

Most people wash their hair and brush their teeth every day.How many of you purify your internal body even weekly? Internal cleansing is just as important as external cleaning and it should be done on a daily basis.

In Chinese Medicine the emotions are stored in the internal organs and meridians - in this lesson, we will address issues of the lungs.

Fascia science has proven that emotional traumas are also stored as “kinks” in the fascia. If you don’t have a way to release your daily stress, frustrations and emotions, they will become stuck in your system and will manifest as physical symptoms including body pain, asthma, elimination and digestive issues, emotional imbalance, and if let go for a longtime, and even lung disease.


This system of Medical Qigong and Chi Nei Tsang tools work in tandem to provide the deepest possible level of attaining and maintaining radiant health that you can perform on your own, without any external tools or resources.

Through deep, gentle, rhythmic Qigong exercises that massage the internal organs and squeeze out the meridians, you can get deep detoxifying benefits that allow emotions and stored traumas to transform into health and vitality.

The result is a healthy body, mind and lungs that paves the path to longevity!

Feel great, feel free, feel the Qi.

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