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Sarina’s Favorite Quick-Fix Meditations (External Alchemy)

When practiced together, these 3 meditation formulas promote a healthy self-image while supporting full body detoxification; a double benefit. Sarina recommends listening to each one twice a week for 6 weeks. The three meditations are:

  1. Wisdom Qigong (audio)
  2. The Tao of Cleansing Medication (audio)
  3. The Tao of Beauty Meditation (audio)

We know that your brain emits waves of possibility with each and every thought it produces. We know those waves of possibility are are programmed by your thoughts. So, master your thoughts and spend a little time each day focusing on healthy, loving, prosperous outcomes. Use that amazing brain and train it to visualize positivity until you have done this so much your waves of possibility affect particles of reality in your favor. Sarina Stone offers meditations for creating love, financial freedom, close relations with friends and more. Medical Qigong helps you balance your emotions. Once you have attained this through the other programs offered by Sarina, you can trust yourself to wish for healthy things; that’s why she offers these fun, easy meditations.

Universal Healing Tao students will appreciate Master Mantak Chia’s World Link Meditation. Sarina offers this easy-to-follow QiGong formula designed to connect us all in a web of healthy, loving chi and allow this healthy connection to remind you that you are not alone.

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