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Take Control of Your Health

Sarina Stone is a Medical Qigong educator, practitioner, author and public speaker.  Blending ancient Taoist techniques of self mastery with modern methods of self care, Sarina Stone proves that meditation is Quantum Physics in action and offers user friendly solutions for stress relief and balanced energy throughout the day.  


"We're creating our physical reality with our thoughts.  We know that now.  

So, what should we think about?"


What is Qigong?

QiGong is a simple way to train your mind to visualize and create success in all areas of your life.


Who does QiGong help?

Adults and children struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, physical pain, fatigue, digestive issues or brain fog.


How Sarina Stone can help you

By teaching you the principles of Self-Mastery. Learn QiGong, the Inner Smile Technique and a unique abdominal massage to detox and energize vital organs and the entire digestive system.


You will use your mind and breath to reduce stress, have balanced energy throughout the day, improve mental clarity, extend longevity, improve quality of life, enjoy a slimmer waistline (improve digestion), improve organ function and so much more. 

How to work with Sarina

Carlos Abler

Global Online Content Strategist

I would recommend Sarina Stone to anyone looking for grounded clarity and reflection along their life path. It's as if the wisdom of the universe itself is flowing through this woman.  Her multi-dimensional gift of insight has richly nourished my soul, mind and body.


Straight From The Source

Sarina has taught my family many QiGong meditations for over 12 years. She began working with our daughter when she was four years old. Watching my child smile to her heart at that age was incredible. Today, my daughter has a deep understanding of how her emotions affect her health and avoids excessive negativity when possible. Amazing!! 
Sarina's guidance and wisdom are invaluable to me. She has helped facilitate my growth, both spiritually and intellectually. I return to her for private consultations again and again. She has been an important part of my personal and professional life for many years and will continue to be so.

Janene Michael
Wild Mountain Fantasy Festival

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