"Welcome, I'm Sarina Stone. I've been a certified Medical QiGong instructor, Podcaster, abdominal massage instructor, practitioner and speaker since 1995. QiGong offers real tools to improve health, recover from injury or illness and relieve stress. I spent decades traveling the world sharing user friendly QiGong techniques with thousands. Now semi-retired in northern California, I still love to teach and speak about QiGong through my online courses, guided meditations, public speaking at events, live workshops and video conferencing. Have a look at the numerous meditations and programs in the store. Then, let me know if you have questions."

QiGong practitioners enjoy more energy and less stress.

From dramatic to subtle, the results of our thinking are manifest 24/7. Whether we control our thinking or not, thoughts make life happen and guide our perception of it. Once we understand the impact of our thoughts and emotions, we need only change our mind to change our life. Sarina Stone and her series of online courses and meditations help adults and children realize their mental, emotional and physical potential.

QiGong is a simple way to train our mind to see and create health and success. For example, anyone at any age can learn to harness the power of a smile. The more you train it, the deeper the effect over time. There is a simple guided mediation offered here, The Inner Smile, that when performed a few times per week will help you and your family balance your emotions and actually energize your organs with your own healthy electromagnetic energy. 

So shop around, read some facts and let us know what we can do to support you, your family or your organization.

Who Is Sarina Stone?


Sarina Stone has an infectious Inner Smile. Her courses and meditations take you through simple QiGong exercises to powerfully and safely start your journey of self-mastery in all areas of life. 

Sarina spent three decades traveling the globe working with QiGong Masters like Tao Master Mantak Chia and White Tiger QiGong Master Instructor, Tevia Feng. She earned multiple certifications in various forms of Inner Alchemy and Medical QiGong. Like so many before her, she used Medical QiGong techniques to heal herself. A favorite around to the world, Sarina became renowned for taking complex Chinese formula's of meditation and distilling them down to simple, FUN, user friendly daily practices to attain and maintain mental and physical strength. Eventually, she formed Empowerment Through Knowledge, Inc and through the educational foundation shares meditations and published material to this day.   

A certified massage therapist by age 25 (she is over 55 at the time of this writing), Sarina is also masterful at performing and teaching Abdominal Vital Organs Detox massage to clean out and energize the digestive system and major organs. Frequently referred to as Chi Nei Tsang, this too is a huge stress reliever (not to mention waistline slimmer). Whether it be resort therapists, parents or individuals looking to stay detoxified and energized, Ms. Stone always delivers a class filled with information, smiles and user-friendly techniques

Today, she enjoys teaching and speaking about Medical QiGong across the globe and at home in America.

For more information write: admin@sarinastone.com or see the Press Kit on this website.

A prolific intuitive with with over 40 years of experience, Sarina has also come back to her gypsy roots in the past few years. She now offers private Intuitive Readings via video chat as well. 

For more about the benefits of an Intuitive Reading and to see if it is appropriate for you, please visit www.SarinaStoneReadings.com 


The #1 subject podcasters ask Sarina Stone about is…Sexual Kung Fu. Sarina is one of very few educators who is expert in this field. She safely and respectfully works with both men and women on ancient techniques for using reproductive energy to improve health, extend longevity and heighten intimacy and pleasure.  See her interviews with Lilou Mace to see why over 225,000 people watched her and asked for more.

Miss Stone’s interviews have been on radio, television, and the World Wide Web since 2006. To book Sarina for your podcast or show, please write Admin@SarinaStone.com

"This is your life.  You can't do it wrong."

Sarina Stone

Carlos Abler

Global Online Content Strategist

I would recommend Sarina Stone to anyone looking for grounded clarity and reflection along their life path. It's as if the wisdom of the universe itself is flowing through this woman.  Her multi-dimensional gift of insight has richly nourished my soul, mind and body.


Straight From The Source

Over the years, I have had several readings with Sarina Stone. I find her to be trustworthy, intuitive and accurate. Her readings have allowed me to look outside of my hesitations, anxieties, and uncertainties to find the answers I seek and make decisions objectively.
Her guidance and wisdom are invaluable to me. She has helped facilitate my growth, both spiritually and intellectually. I return to her for readings time and time again. She has been an important part of my personal and professional life for many years and will continue to be so.

Janene Michael
Wild Mountain Fantasy Festival